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According to the American Heart Association, every year an estimated 8,800 youth and 410,000 adults die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  Currently only about 3% – 5% of out-of-hospital SCA events make it to the hospital alive. The only thing that can save the life of a SCA victims is being administered CPR and an electrical shock by an AED within the first couple of minutes after the event. For every minute that the heart is not shocked, chance of survival decreases by 10%.  More resources and training needs to be in place to increase survival rates from SCA. Every year, fires claim 6,000 lives and nearly $37 Billion is spent on fire prevention and supression. Similar efforts are needed to increase SCA survival rates in Wisconsin and throughout the United States.

Our organization is dedicated to educating the community about proper response to sudden cardiac arrest through CPR, AED use and engaging emergency responders.  Our goal is to designate local communities, businesses, schools and organizations as “HeartSafe”.  Join us in our efforts to save a life–contact us to learn how your organization can achieve this life-saving training.

15 hours ago

HEARTSafe Wisconsin

Anthony Bates FoundationToday we honor 10 year old London who was a beautiful vibrant young girl. She went down a waterslide and came out the bottom unresponsive. Sadly, she did not receive CPR for 7 minutes and even though an AED was right there...it was not used on her!

We have to demand that changes are made in the way that people are trained to respond to cardiac emergencies!
Join us in the #racetoendsuddencardiacarrest
Team London

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1 month ago

HEARTSafe Wisconsin

Thanks Officer Mammen, Officer Cheek, Grafton Police and the Community for your commitment and investment to ensure police officers know CPR and carry an AED in their police vehicles. Police officers are a critical link to saving more lives when CPR can be started immediately with the assistance of the 911 operator and apply an AED within 3 to 5 minutes of cardiac arrest. WELL DONE!!!This evening at the Public Safety Meeting, Chief Caponera presented Officer Mammen and Officer Cheek with Certificates of Recognition for life saving efforts they performed on August 19th.

Officer Mammen and Officer Cheek responded to a rescue call for a subject whom was unresponsive and instructions for CPR were in progress. Upon their arrival, they located the victim and initiated CPR and defibrillator application. Shocks were delivered from the defib and they continued CPR efforts until the arrival of Grafton Fire Department Paramedics whom took over emergency rescue care of the patient. The patient was ultimately transported to the hospital breathing and with a pulse.

Officer Mammen and Officer Cheek’s quick response and decision making in line with first responder training played a critical role in the resuscitation efforts of this patient.
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