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According to the American Heart Association, every year an estimated 8,800 youth and 410,000 adults die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  Currently only about 3% – 5% of out-of-hospital SCA events make it to the hospital alive. The only thing that can save the life of a SCA victims is being administered CPR and an electrical shock by an AED within the first couple of minutes after the event. For every minute that the heart is not shocked, chance of survival decreases by 10%.  More resources and training needs to be in place to increase survival rates from SCA. Every year, fires claim 6,000 lives and nearly $37 Billion is spent on fire prevention and supression. Similar efforts are needed to increase SCA survival rates in Wisconsin and throughout the United States.

Our organization is dedicated to educating the community about proper response to sudden cardiac arrest through CPR, AED use and engaging emergency responders.  Our goal is to designate local communities, businesses, schools and organizations as “HeartSafe”.  Join us in our efforts to save a life–contact us to learn how your organization can achieve this life-saving training.

2 months ago

HEARTSafe Wisconsin

CALL TO ACTION: Please reach out to your state senator and representative and ask them to support this important Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Bill.Keep your eye out for more information on the Kai 11 Bill tonight @ 5pm on Fox6 Milwaukee.

1. Follow the included link
2. Click on the "Who Are My legislators" box
3. Plug in your Home Address
4. Click on your WI Representative & WI Senators email addresses
5. Email the included statement "I would like Rep./Sen. XYZ to co-sponsor LRB 0651, the Kai Lermer Bill"
#flyhighkai #kai11law
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